About Honess
About us

Shanghai Honess Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2006. At present, Honess is an innovative environmental comprehensive service provider.

With its progressive development, the company's business areas have covered energy and chemical industry entire water treatment system, fine chemical industry three wastes combined treatment, hazardous waste incineration and disposal, village and township sewage treatment and municipal sewage upgrading and retrofit.

We are able to provide one-stop environmental protection service integrating technology consulting, product R&D, equipment sales, engineering ,construction , operation and maintenance, and to provide customers in various fields with comprehensive environmental management services for the whole life cycle and the whole process treatment.


Industry-University-Research Platforms


Honess has ongoing and in-depth cooperation with several universities, which provide us with a strong think tank. We have established a high-level R&D team with national and provincial leading talents as the core. In addition, we have also established Shanghai expert workstations to further deepen the company's ability to internalize science and technology. We cooperate with university to unleash the innovative strength of universities, improve our product standards, stabilize competitive advantages and promote service levels.

Honess won the first prize of Shanghai Technology Invention Award for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020, the first prize of environmental technology progress of China Environment Association in 2020, the integrated wastewater treatment equipment was selected as the "Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Encouraged to be Developed by the State (2020 Version)", and was successfully selected as the project of "Green Manufacturing System Solution Supplier" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2020, and has won many honors such as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, Small Giant Enterprise of Science and Technology, Specialized and New Enterprise, Pilot Enterprise of Patent Work, and Quality Award of Mayor of Chongming District, Shanghai.

In the future, Honess will continue to focus on innovation with the help of the industry-academia-research platform to drive the company forward.

What We Do

The company has a wide range of business areas,covering waste water solutions for  energy and chemical industries.

  • Energy Chemicals

    Honess provides full water system solutions for energy and chemical companies to meet actual working conditions.

    Based on Honess self-developed products and process packages, Honess are deeply involved in energy and chemical wastewater treatment. Now Honess have mature and perfect engineering experience, and Honess total water system solutions have been fully verified in large customer enterprises.

  • Fine Chemicals Industry

    Honess focuses on providing integrated wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment and hazardous waste incineration treatment solutions for customers such as pharmaceutical, pesticide and other fine chemical companies and industrial parks.

    At present, Honess have verified the integrated solutions in engineering practice, and provided Honess customers with perfect integrated treatment services, which have achieved good economic and environmental benefits.

  • Hazardous Waste Incineration

    Honess has an experienced hazardous waste service team, we provide professional hazardous waste incineration and disposal solutions with advanced process and excellent design capability, providing the whole process service covering process proposal, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation guidance.

  • Rural Area Sewage Treatment

    Honess has been cultivating the rural area sewage market for many years,by replacing traditional engineering with product-oriented thinking, reducing engineering investment, coordinating collection and treatment, solving the pain points of rural area sewage treatment, and providing comprehensive services for the whole process of village distributed sewage treatment with intelligent, modular and standardized products.

    Distributed sewage treatment products with flexible mobile, short construction period, rapid replication, unattended, no secondary pollution and other characteristics. Effectively solve the sewage treatment facilities around - "Too expensive", "Too slow", “Too difficult to use”and other problems.

  • Municipal Sewage Upgrading and Retrofit Solution

    Honess provides strong products and process support for municipal bid upgrading with technologies such as Enzymatic Suspended Packing、Point-to-point Water Distributor and UC Hydrolytic Acidification Process Package as the fulcrum. Our products and process packages can enhance the reaction performance, improve sludge concentration, and enhance the effluent quality with efficient pollutant removal, while reducing the cost of renovation and construction.


It is the mission of Honess to establish the advantages of environmental competition for our customers.

Today, after more than ten years of development, Honess has provided high-quality environmental solutions to various customers.

The systematic solutions provided by Honess have been applied to nearly 30 provinces and autonomous regions across the country, we have provided mature and complete services to many large customers, and have served more than 200 customers in various fields.


Honess will improve its core competitiveness, deepen the development of existing technologies, continuously develop new equipment and technologies, make up for the shortcomings of technology, improve the efficiency of governance, achieve precise regulation and reduce costs.

At the same time, we will cultivate the importance of user experience, keep up with customer growth and adapt to customer demand for quality service.

In the future, Honess will continue to grasp the direction of development, respond to changes and challenges in the internal and external environment, pursue various innovations and continuously optimize our service levels.


We will work with our customers to continue to create value for environmental protection and contribute our wisdom and strength to the country's environment.

Our Factory

Founded in 2014

The first phase of the project was put into production in April 2016

Classified as the R&D center, advanced manufacturing center and intelligent operation and maintenance center of Honess.

The factory converts technical strength into productivity and provides stable production capacity and quality for equipment.

Focusing on the research and development, production and operation services of integrated wastewater treatment equipment and other products.

Products mainly include iCUBE series, iCELL series, CRP series, eTANK series, Disc solid-liquid separator, Point to Point water distributor, Enzymatic Suspended Packing and other products.