Solutions & Services
  • Energy & Chemical Industry

    From the beginning of its establishment, Honess has been focused on high concentration organic wastewater treatment technology, engaged in energy chemical industry water treatment, independently produced and developed corresponding products as well as process packages, and now has comprehensive ability to solve the whole water treatment problems, serving various key customers, and achieved good environmental benefits.

  • Fine Chemicals Industry

    Honess focuses on providing comprehensive treatment solutions for pharmaceutical, pesticide, silicone and other fine chemical enterprises and industrial park customers, including wastewater treatment, VOCs treatment and hazardous waste incineration.

    The solutions have comprehensive advantages, organically integrates the treatment system, technology and product equipment, with successful practise in the project, achieving good economic and environmental benefits for customers.

  • Hazardous Waste Incineration

    Honess has an experienced technical team in the field of hazardous waste incineration, and has successfully designed and built several large hazardous waste incineration projects. We have rich experience and successful cases in the field of agrochemical, pharmaceutical, silicone industries and industrial parks. With the advantage of centralized integration and design capability, the company designs corresponding treatment systems for industrial waste liquid, solid waste and VOCs. We integrate the three wastes for comprehensive design and form a systematic hazardous waste treatment technology, and become a professional hazardous waste incineration system supplier.

  • Rural Area Sewage Treatment

    Honess is committed to improving the water environment management model in rural area, replacing traditional engineering construction by product-based thinking and creating a whole process product from collection to discharge.

    Our manufacturing center has a variety of automated production lines, and the above products can be developed and produced independently, providing rural area with stable product quality and supply capability, forming a complete whole process system solution for village and township wastewater.

  • Municipal Sewage Upgrading & Retrofit

    Honess provides strong products and process support for municipal wastewater plant upgrading with technologies such as Enzymatic Suspended Packing 、Point To Point Water Distributor and UC Hydrolytic Adcidification Process Package as the fulcrum.

    Our products and process packages can enhance the reaction performance, improve sludge concentration, and enhance the effluent quality with efficient pollutant removal, while reducing the cost of renovation and construction.