Solutions & Services
Fine Chemicals Industry

Honess focuses on providing comprehensive treatment solutions for pharmaceutical, pesticide, silicone and other fine chemical enterprises and industrial park customers, including wastewater treatment, VOCs treatment and hazardous waste incineration.

The solutions have comprehensive advantages, organically integrates the treatment system, technology and product equipment, with successful practise in the project, achieving good economic and environmental benefits for customers.



Fine chemical industry discharges different kinds of wastes, the treatment solution should take all aspects into consideration, as far as possible to reduce secondary pollution, reduce subsequent investment and cost. Honess has the comprehensive idea and holistic overall planning, focused on medicine, pesticide, organic silicon and other fine chemical enterprises and industrial park customers, with wastewater treatment, VOCs treatment and waste incineration, to form a set of feasible comprehensive treatment solutions.


As a comprehensive system engineering, Honess takes good value of top-level design, builds scientific solution framework, lays emphasis on customer requirements, pays attention to customer experience, keenly senses customer business development and scale change, provides quality environmental protection service, and provides full life cycle service for our customers.



  • Top-level design of environmental protection
    Deeply analyze the production pollution process, make clear of the emission law, which could be helpful to plan an  environmental protection top-level design.
  • Industrial wastes treatment proposal
    According to the preliminary analysis, coordinate each system link, and provide customers with comprehensive proposal.
  • Engineering design
    Provide scientific engineering design, complete system control, ensure the safety and reliability of the system
  • Scientific management of construction
    Scientific management to ensure quality, time limit and cost under the premise of safe construction
  • Customized commissioning
    According to customer’s actual project situation, to facilitate customized commissioning plan.
  • Operational guidance

    Upon completion of the project construction, providing professional operation guidance service.

Technology Introduction
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Fine Chemical VOCs Treatment
  • Hazardous waste incineration
Pretreatment process of industrial high concentration and hard degradable organic wastewater

Wastewater quality characteristics:

High salt, high COD, complex composition, significant water quality and quantity vibration, easy to form hazardous waste.

Technical advantages:

Provide a full set of process package technical services from collection to treatment, to maximize the realization of harmless, reduction amd resource recovery.

HBF Biochemical Process Package

The process package combines the advantages of activated sludge method and biofilm method to degrade and transform CODcr and NH3-N. Through continuous push flow reaction, sequence batch reaction and precipitation separation, a composite continuous flow sequence batch reactor is formed, and the core product of Honess -- Enzymatic Suspended Packing is added to the aerobic pool to achieve synchronous nitrification and denitrification and reduce the consumption of carbon source.


1. High efficiency nitrogen removal performance.

2. Reduce biochemical tank area, low investment cost.

3. Good mass transfer effect, improve the processing capacity of the system.

4. Reduce sludge yield, better solid-liquid separation effect.

5、Strong impact load resistance, high system stability.

UC Hydrolytic Adcidification Process Package

UC Hydrolytic Adcidification Process Package is a composite hydrolysis reactor developed by Honess featuring upward flow and point-to-point water distribution. This is a quality solution for anaerobic pretreatment of difficult to degrade organic wastewater. In this process package, the water distribution area is designed with point-to-point water distributor, which solves the problems of uneven water distribution, low treatment efficiency, easy clogging, and complex sludge loss reactor structure.


1.Built-in Enzymatic Suspended Packing, which can effectively intercept anaerobic sludge, enrich microbial species and increase the total number of microorganisms in the pool.

2.The ingeniously tilted arrangement of Enzymatic Suspended Packing reduces the hydraulic load on the separation zone, improves the efficiency rate of solid-liquid separation and enhances the effluent quality.

3.The biofilm is more dense, and the flaked biofilm settles at the bottom of the pool, which can effectively increase the biomass in the reaction zone.